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All our adults dogs are vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. They are eagerly waiting to find their forever homes.

Get to know each of them below!

And if you think you could be the perfect forever home or foster family for one of these wonderful dogs, please fill out an adoption or foster application.


Thank you for considering giving them the love and care they deserve!


Sex: Female

Date of birth: January 2022​

Rescued: July 2023

Size: Medium

Weight: 15 kg

A little about her: Astra aka The Lil' Tornado is a wonderful female. She's incredibly playful, really energetic, and just knows how to have fun all the time! She is incredibly smart (sometimes too much) and a bit of an escape artist but it's impossible not to fall in love with her. When she calms down, she is really loving and affectionate. She gets along with everybody and loves to play with her fur friends at PATA. If you want a dog that you could bring everywhere with you, she’s your girl! She always loves to go on adventures! And don't get us started about her swimming skills, our baby girl is like a fish in the sea!

Her story: Astra randomly showed up at someone’s place, in heat and really scared. We've been called and asked if we could take her right away. We did! Surprisingly, she wasn’t in such a bad shape. She just had a couple of intestinal parasites. 


Sex: Female

Date of birth: April 2023

Rescued: October 2023

Size: Medium​

Weight: 15 kg 

A little about her: ​Meet Beth the heartwarming pooch whose bright eyes and wagging tail bring joy to everyone she meets. Full of playful energy and boundless enthusiasm Beth loves playtime and is a loyal loving companion who knows just how to make your day brighter with her affectionate nature and joyful spirit. This smart girl will fill your home with joy for sure! Beth will need someone on the more active side as she is full of life and energy. Get ready!

Her story: When we found Beth, she was in a terrible shape to say the least. She was incredibly emaciated, really anemic, and had such a bad case of papilloma, even our vet had never seen anything like it. After months of treatment and love, she’s back on her paws and she’s just ready to discover the world and enjoy every single second of life. 


Sex: Male

Date of birth: December 2016​

Rescued: August 2023

Size: Large​

Weight: ​22 kg 

A little about him:

Campéon might look like a guard dog but let us tell you right away: he’s not. He’s the sweetest, most affectionate, most loving big boy. He’s really delicate to all the PATA puppies and loves to greet and protect the new rescues we bring back with us. Campéon has a good heart. This loving boy is a big favourite with our volunteers. He is sweet, noble, loyal and devoted. He also discovered the joy of toys! When he gets excited he loves to grab one of his toys and bring it to show you. 

His story: A kind soul reached out to us because Campéon showed up at a restaurant in Santa Cruz incredibly emaciated and with no fur left. He broke our hearts. His kidneys were on the verge of failing but thankfully we brought him with us just in time. After a couple of weeks of medication, supplements and love, he got back on his paws. He’s now a happy and healthy big boy! 


Sex: Female

Date of birth: April 2023

Rescued: April 2024

Size: Medium​

Weight: 13 kg 

A little about her: Flora is a really gentle female dog. She's incredibly sweet and we can tell she wants to make up for all the time where she didn't feel love. Flora loves to be around her favorite human and snuggle. But she also loves to go on walks and is a pretty good swimmer. You might leave her on the shore only to find her swimming in the ocean right next to you! She is going to be a very loyal and grateful dog. Could you be her forever person? We sure hope so!

Her story: Flora had been seen wondering around alone in town for a couple of days. She seemed really stressed out and completely lost. Poor soul was so scared we couldn't even get near her. Thankfully with patience and the help of really kind neighbors we managed to rescue her. She was suffering from tick fever and anemia. She's now 100¨% healthy and ready to enjoy life. Maybe with you?


Sex: Male

Date of Birth: November 2020

Rescued: November 2023

Size: Small/Medium

Weight: 13 kg


A little bit about him: Marty is an handsome male! But he’s also quite a personality. Marty is a free spirit and he would be best suited with active owners or at least space to wander around. He loves to explore his surroundings and is very much a free spirit. He’s also incredibly affectionate, loyal, and just fun! He gets along with other dogs and seems to adore kids. Are you ready for the Marty stare? His deep and dreamy gaze will make you fall in love for sure!

His story: Marty had been seen on and off for several months in different places around Samara. When we were finally able to rescue him, he was pretty healthy. We then assumed he had an owner but nobody ever asked for him. He’s been in foster for a couple of months now and is finally ready for his forever home.

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: September 2022

Rescued: September 2023

Size: Medium

Weight: 15 kg

A little bit about him: Neo is a precious soul. It took him a minute to realize he was safe with us but thankfully he eventually did and then we were lucky enough to witness it. His amazing personality finally starts to show and we can tell you, Neo is a very loving, very affectionate boy. He can be really playful with his fur mates too. Sometimes he still gets scared though, as he’s had a difficult start in life. He might need a minute to realize he can trust you. But we just know Neo will be very loyal and will always look up to his person! Could you be the one for him?

His story: Neo was found really sick and emaciated. He had lost almost all of his fur but the biggest damage he suffered was definitely emotional. Thankfully nothing love and patience couldn’t heal. He’s now become this wonderful boy and we can’t wait to see him find his forever home.


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: March 2023

Rescued: March 2024

Size: Medium

Weight: 15 kg


A little bit about her: Padma is a bundle of joy! We never expected her to be that playful and that excited about…everything. She’s been through a lot but that didn’t turn her into a resentful being, quite the opposite! She knows she has a second shot at life and she’s determined to enjoy every single second of it. Padma is a really energetic, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky girl! We think she would be better off in an active home but what she needs the most is the love she’s been lacking all of her short life. Could you be her special person?

Her story: We received a call about Padma really early in the morning and dropped everything to go get her. She was incredibly emaciated, anemic, suffered from tick fever and mange. For the first couple of days, we were worried she wouldn’t make it. Yet if you saw her today, you wouldn’t believe what she’s been through. She’s fully recovered now! All she’s missing is a forever loving home.


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: April 2022

Rescued: January 2023

Size: Medium

Weight: 10 kg


A little bit about her: Little Pippa is looking for her forever home! This beautiful pup has come a long way since her rescue. She has been in foster with a dog trainer who has helped her overcome some reactivity, anxiety and OCD behaviors. She is now ready for her forever home! She is smart, sweet, affectionate and loyal. However, she would do best with an owner who is patient, has an understanding of the breed, and is willing to learn how to help Pippa feel relaxed and safe. Our trainer will help you with this every step of the way. At no cost. Could you be Pip’s forever human?

Her story: Pippa was living in a tiny square, tied up 24/7. While her health wasn’t too concerning when we first found her, we knew she had been emotionally damaged. She’s come a really long way and we wish nothing but seeing her thrive in a loving forever home.


Meet our brave dogs in recovery. These dogs are currently under treatment for various health issues and are not yet ready for adoption. 


Their recovery takes time, but with our dedicated care and your support, they are on their way to better health.


Stay tuned for updates on their progress and availability for adoption.


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: June 2023

Rescued: June 2024

Size: Medium

Weight: 11 kg

Her story: Layla was surrendered because her owner could no longer take care of her. She is suffering from tick fever, anemia and a skin condition. When she arrived, she was terrified and mostly hid under a bed for a week.


Sex: Male

Date of birth: June 2017

Rescued: June 2024

Size: Small

Weight: 7 kg


His story: Matty is our new male rescue, surrendered by his owners. He was found sick and weak, hiding and suffering from tick fever and anemia. Covered in fleas and with an old eye injury, Matty is now in our care. 


Our hearts are full of joy as we celebrate our adopted dogs who will soon be heading to their forever homes! Some of our furry friends are waiting for flight volunteers to take them to the U.S. and Canada, while others are just a step away from joining their new families.


We understand that sometimes new owners face delays, and we are happy to hold onto our beloved dogs until the perfect moment.

If you’re the right match, we can wait a bit, but we might need some financial assistance to ensure they continue to receive the best care during this transition period. 


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: April 2020

Rescued: April 2023

Her story: Fawn was found wandering the streets, having just given birth to a gorgeous litter of puppies and fending for herself. A kind family took her and her babies in, providing the care they desperately needed. While Fawn’s puppies quickly found loving homes, Fawn herself didn’t have the same luck initially. That’s when she joined the PATA crew. Although she was a little anemic at first, she’s now back to her healthy self! Fawn has since found her forever home and is just patiently waiting for her journey to Canada. 

Sex: Male

Date of birth: July 2021

Rescued: July 2022


His story: Jazz wasn’t even on our radar when we rescued him. We were investigating another case when we found him. Poor little mate was just skin and bones, and we could tell he wouldn’t survive for long if we didn’t intervene that day. His owners weren’t interested in keeping him, so they relinquished him to us. Jazz was emaciated, incredibly anemic, and suffering from tick fever. Thankfully, after receiving the care and attention he desperately needed, he has fully recovered and is now a happy, healthy dog! Jazz has finally found his forever home and will be heading to Canada soon! 

Sex: Male

Date of birth: July 2021

Rescued: July 2022


His story:

Sooty’s former owner severely neglected him. While in their care, Sooty was hit by a vehicle and suffered a broken pelvis and dislocated hip. Despite being in immense pain, his owner did not seek any veterinary attention, causing Sooty to suffer unnecessarily. The way his injuries calcified put pressure on his spine, leaving him completely incontinent. When PATA rescued him, he had sores on his legs from lying in his own urine. In addition to his injuries, Sooty was emaciated and suffered from tick fever, anemia, and malnutrition. However, after a couple of months of dedicated treatment and care, Sooty is now thriving! He can run around, jump, and enjoy life once again. Recuperating at PATA has brought him lots of love and attention, and he has made remarkable progress.


After two years of waiting, Sooty has finally found his forever home and will be leaving PATA soon! We are overjoyed for him.

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